Toni Gallagher


Because I live in California, it's easy to travel to Mexico. I've driven across the border and gone to beach towns like Rosarito, but also flown further down to the resorts of Playa del Carmen and the mountain town of Taxco. It's always a fun time...and a great way to practice Spanish.

Mexico     Mexico



Belize is an English-speaking island with beautiful beaches, great snorkeling and diving, amazing ruins, and some of my favorite things in the world - monkeys!



My brother and I took a trip here together and had many adventures. He tried surfing, and I met a group of kids on a school trip at the top of a volcano. I like it there so much, I may build a house there someday.

Nicaragua    Nicaragua


There's so much action adventure in this country, including river rafting, which I do every chance I get.  I went back three more times to study Spanish.  I still have a lot to learn, but there will be a little Spanish in Twist My Charm: Love Potion #11, so I hope you'll learn some too!

Costa Rica


Antigua is a cool colonial town where I spent a week learning Spanish and teaching English at a school, Brillo del Sol. Lake Atitlan is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world...with volcanoes everywhere.

Guatemala       Guatemala


I only got to be in this sunny country for a couple of days working on a TV show idea about young people who ran a youth hostel. (A youth hostel is an inexpensive place to stay; you often share a room with a bunch of strangers - and you make a lot of friends!) Of course, it's home to the Panama Canal too.

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