Toni Gallagher


The summer I waited tables in London, I learned that baked potatoes are called "jacket potatoes" and napkins are called "serviettes." (A customer asked for a serviette and I replied, "We don't have those" because I had never heard the word before!) My roommates (which they call "flatmates") and I also saw the famous structure called Stonehenge.

England   England


When I waited tables in London, my friends and I took a bus to Edinburgh for its famous theater festival. We also walked to the tops of mountains and explored its awesome castle.



In 1998 I won (!!) a trip sailing from Spain to Ireland on the Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race. We arrived in Dublin and took part in a parade, then I traveled around the homeland of my dad's parents, having lots of fun in this green, green country.



My friend Michele and I spent a week in Paris, walking to museums, walking to restaurants, walking through cool graveyards, then walking some more.  I thought I'd need to see a foot doctor when I got home!


I got to go to Rome one year for a long Thanksgiving weekend, and posed at lots of famous sites - like the Roman ruins and the Colosseum - in a chicken hat I'd gotten in October.

Italy     Italy


I didn't have much money when I first moved to California, but when a college friend said he had a free extra ticket to Spain, I said, "I'm going!" I saw museums, castles, and aqueducts built by the Romans possibly 2000 years ago!



I visited the Netherlands to visit a friend in 1999. Amsterdam is such a pretty town, with museums, canals, and bikes everywhere. I would love to go back.


My friend Katy was teaching English in the Prague when I visited. Prague is one of the few European cities not destroyed in World War II, and it's fantastic. I also met Prince Charming - well, an actor who was playing Prince Charming in a Snow White movie!

Czech Republic   Czech Republic

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